Empowering Entrepreneurs

Who We Are

Partnering For Success

INDD Capital

Founded in Hong Kong, we are acting as a bridge to connect those companies with an untapped potential of international expertise and viewpoint without boundary. When east meets west, amazing opportunities happens and magnificent market expands.

Commitment To Excellence

We are a premier investment and corporate bank dedicated to delivering innovative capital markets and advisory solutions to corporations, institutional investors and private equity clients across the United States and Asia. We are offering a full-service financial service with a broad suite of world-class advisory and capital raising capabilities. Our deep industry expertise, value-added ideas and best-in-class execution have made us a trusted partner to our clients.

Our Statement

Creating Value Through Partnership

Maximizing returns for investors

We aim to generate attractive returns on investment for their investors, which may include pension funds, endowments, and wealthy individuals.

Creating value for portfolio companies

We acquire companies with the aim of improving their performance and creating value through strategic investments, operational improvements, and other initiatives.

Developing strong partnerships

We seek to build long-term relationships with management teams, co-investors, and other stakeholders to achieve mutual success.

Maintaining high ethical standards

We prioritize ethical behavior, compliance with regulations, and responsible environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

Providing strategic guidance

We offer strategic guidance and operational expertise to help portfolio companies achieve their full potential and succeed in their respective industries.

Investing in growth opportunities

We focus on identifying and investing in companies with significant growth potential, often with the aim of achieving an exit through an initial public offering (IPO) or strategic sale.